Mining Projects

Client: EMR
Site: Golden Grove
Project: Trunion Bearing replacement on two ball mills

In March 2018, we supplied 12 personnel to replace a parallel bore spherical roller bearing on a small regrind mill, along with the replacement of a very large tapered bore spherical roller bearing on a ball mill. All tooling and equipment utilised are owned by TMS to perform these works on a regular basis

Client: EMR
Site: Golden Grove
Project: Winder Gearbox Instalment

In February 2018 we supplied a small crew to install a re conditioned winder gearbox. We did this with the use of 50000psi oil injection pumps.

Client: EMR Golden Grove
Site: Geraldton Workshop
Project: Overhaul sheave wheel for underground winder

In January 2018 we completed the overhaul of a sheave wheel in our Geraldton Workshop.

Client: EMR
Site: Golden Grove
Project: CV 10/11 Transfer & Feeder Chute Upgrade & Drawings

In November 2017 we supplied a crew of 30 personnel to complete the works of CV10 & 11 Transfer & Feeder chute upgrade. We also completed the drawings in our Geraldton Workshop for these site works to be completed.


Client: Iluka Resources
Site: Narngulu
Project: Supply & Fabrication of Rubber Skirt Frame Work & Scraper

In December 2015 we supplied and fabricated a rubber skirt frame and scraper for the Narngulu Site. This was fabricated in our Geraldton Workshop.

Client: Iluka Resources
Site: Narngulu
Project:Fabrication/Rebuild and Installation of Trommel Wheels, Machining of New Shafts

In December 2015 we overhauled 3 sets of Trommel wheels, during the overhaul we supplied and rebuilt the Trommel wheels using new rims, tyres, taperlocks, bearings, housings and then had the final job blasted and painted. We then installed these onsite in January 2016. During this time we also machined in our Geraldton workshop new shafts for all the Trommel wheels.

Client: Karara Mining
Site: 200km east of Geraldton
Project: Ball Mill 1 & 4 Trunnion Seal Replacement

In December 2015 we replaced both the Y & V lip trunnion seals on both Mills 001 & 004. The replacement was needed due to Karara suffering from excessive contamination to the lubrication systems. During this shutdown TMS was able to perform our scheduled tasks as well as further minor works and inspections to assist KML in future decisions and restarting the plant after this shutdown.

Client: Silverlake Resources & BNM Group
Site: Tukabianna
Project: General Maintenance, De-commissioning & Re-commissioning

From February 2014 through to August 2014 Silverlake Resources requested TMS to supply a group of highly skilled maintenance crew to assist with the general maintenance of the mine. TMS supplied a crew of 8 to assist with these tasks, which included a Planner, Fitters, Boilermakers, Leading Hands and Wesley himself as a Maintenance Supervisor. This crew then stayed on to manage and take part in the De-Commissioning of the mine; these works were completed by August 2014. As of January 2015 BNM Group leased the de-commissioned mine site. BNM made contact with TMS to request that we re-commission the mine site. This project was completed in May 2015

Client: Newmont
Site: Boddington Gold Mine
Project: October 2014 Shutdown
During the month of October TMS supplied a crew of 33 personnel for the duration of 14 days to complete a list of works, which Newmont had set out for TMS. During our time at Boddington we completed the below tasks at a very high standard;

  • Change Ball Mill Motors on 3B & 4B
  • Motor A Change on CV001
  • Ball Mill Discharge and Trunion liner change out
  • Trommel and Magnet Change out on Ball Mill 4
  • Drive Train Alignment on CV008

Client: Karara Mining
Site: Geraldton Port
Project: Ongoing Work - Shift Coverage, Specialised and General Works 

To date we supply all shift coverage for Karara, we also conduct a variety of works during there scheduled shutdowns and undertake all there specialised work such as gearbox rebuilds, machining of shafts, general fabrication, laser aligning and precision measuring.

Site:Golden Grove
Project: Ongoing Work - Shift Coverage, Specialised and General Works

To date we supply some shift coverage for MMG (underground), we also conduct a variety of works during there scheduled shutdowns and undertake all there specialised work such as crusher and mill repairs, laser aligning and precision measuring.

Client: Mt Gibson Iron Ore
Site: Geraldton Port and Extension Hill 
Project:Ongoing Work – Specialized and General Works

TMS conduct motor change outs, laser alignment and any general maintenance works required both onsite and in our workshop. We also do a large amount of fabrication work for both mine sites.

Client: CBI 
Site: Cayeli Turkey
Project: Consultation

In April 2013 TMS travelled to Turkey to consult with CBI on various works. This included various alignment checks on girth gear and pinions, lift and clearance checks on Trunion HSB and repairs to pinion drive face.

Client: Newmont
Site: Boddington Gold Mine 
Project: Motor and Pinion Replacement

In October 2012 Wesley successfully supervised the pinion and motor change out, this is the largest ball mill in the southern hemisphere.